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  Darko Luketic 63efcf38d9 fuck Deutsche Telekom! 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic a8f6b9238d added initial service definitions 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 9f221baf27 User stuff 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 2c9ee9ff73 added mailer 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic a22a5c56c1 GTFO interfaces! 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 6bb47c27c6 for go-nuts part2 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic f39df77f50 for go-nuts 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 51123dd2f1 Seems like you can't have a generic service with interfaces. 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 47d9ecd4b7 updated UserModel to have a password (duh) 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 65c63f7099 added mongo ProfileStorage 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 3f43346060 added mongo RoleStorage 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 411e4fc666 added mongo UserStorage 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic b34a01e9ca updated mongo's StorageInterfaces' DeleteBy to remove all matched documents 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic e33dcdebca updated RBAC service 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic e0c38158f4 added RBAC model 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 950af3d90d gpg sign 1 year ago
  Darko Luketic 17bf29d817 added RBAC service, replace ObjectID with string 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic cff26aab04 added RBAC model, interface 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic 96d67960fe updated Post model 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic 7a161f5ed4 updated User model 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic 827f22d850 added User Profile models 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic c3e27e152b added User Profile interfaces 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic b21f22fb89 added Role RoleModelInterface RoleStorageInterface 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic b5523939aa divided interfaces into separate files 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic d0bbc9ac70 added PostStorage, changed PostModelInterface, Post 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic a763c64de2 added ThreadStorage, changed ThreadModelInterface, Thread 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic 515bfdb0b7 added ForumStorage 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic a89f26fc4a readme 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic d29bbae1f1 post does not have a slug, thread does, better category test 2 years ago
  Darko Luketic acd981ca60 more category_tests and fixes, added slug 2 years ago